The Music

For many people, Trad Folk is possibly not the best understood form of music. In fact its rather ‘serious’ image has led it to be parodied by many a comedian. Like Trad Jazz it can be hard to find a proper way into, but sometimes, when you wander into the right licensed premises on the right evening, it’s vibrancy can take you by surprise and give you an evening of fun that you really weren’t expecting. 

Gráinneog strive to blend our very studious love of old songs with fresh and lively arrangements and we take a lot of trouble over our vocal harmonies. We could very well be the band that makes you think ‘Folk Music is more fun than I expected!’

Our music can be sorted into three forms. We can do the classic shouty pub stomp singalong to fill a dance floor, we can go deep into the stories of sailors, miners, soldiers and gold panners, (not to mention the canny ladies who end up fleecing them of their worldly goods) and we can provide an evening of traditional barn dance fiddle tunes for weddings etc.

Here’s a set of jolly tunes we did for our local radio station last March, just before we set sail for Great Barrier Island for St Paddy’s Day.